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Living Swimming Pools

Natural Living Swimming Pools

Chemical Free. 

We can design your dream pool,

in Bali or anywhere in the world.

Just send us an inquiry.

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Online Consultancy for home builders.


Permaculture Design &


Planning and Designing are difficult yet crucial steps in developing a concept

for your property or business. 

We can help you to design, following the guidelines of Permaculture, and ensure that every aspect of your project works with nature rather than against it.

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We provide management consultation for the design and operation of your business or property.


Our commitment to a sustainable outcome, following Permaculture Design Principles makes us stand apart. 


Regenerative Tourism 

We are a  Regenerative Tourism Consultancy with a specific focus on 

small scale Eco - Tourism

We have worked with dozens of properties, companies & NGOs across Indonesia

over the last 30 years. 

From Start up to Completion.


Wastewater & Sewage

Treatment Systems 

On-site Treatment Systems
Anti-Sludge Septic Tanks
Wastewater Gardens 

Bali Pro Eco has 15 years of Design & Installation experience, building thousands of

on-site, Plant Based Wastewater Treatment Systems in Indonesia.


We offer Design & Installations for local communities & businesses including

Training & Instruction in English & Indonesian.


Vetiver Grass is a cheaper solution for permanently stabilising steep slopes, river banks, beach erosion & construction projects. Vetiver Grass: A greener alternative to 'hard' engineering projects 


Vetiver Grass for plant-based sewage/wastewater treatment systems


Vetiver Rafts for dirty or polluted water

Available in Bali, Indonesia


Vetiver Grass
Sustainable Land Management
Wastewater Treatment 

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Natural living swimming pool
Natural living swimming pool

Hotel swimming pool

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Natural Living Pool
Natural Living Pool

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Permaculture Hotel Gardens
Permaculture Hotel Gardens


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Natural living swimming pool
Natural living swimming pool

Hotel swimming pool

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