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We are small business operators, consultants, designers & project managers for sustainability


building design & construction - sewage & wastewater treatment - organic farming - community development - social & environmental programs - adaptation to climate change - natural resource management - PERMACULTURE Courses & Trainings 

Welcome to PT Bali Greenworld


We are a consulting & design business based in Bali, Indonesia

Our Mission

To run an ethics-based

business that makes a positive difference

Our Vision

A truly sustainable

global economy 

Norm Van't Hoff


Diploma of Permaculture

Norm van't Hoff holds a Diploma of Permaculture.. 

an integrative design science for sustainable human communities


Permaculture Design allows us to integrate all the complexities involved in sustainability; Water, energy, construction, primary production, spatial planning, land management, resource management, pest control, waste management, nature conservation and all the other elements that raise issues for our survival, and our need to achieve true sustainability.


Since moving to Bali in 2000, Norm has been working full-time on diverse projects & programs, from running an environmental NGO, to developing ecotourism businesses, to implementing better sanitation systems in post-tsunami Aceh and recently, a reef protection program in Raja Ampat, West Papua


Norm designs, builds and works with local communities. He believes that polarization is stopping progress, that we can only ever achieve true sustainability, by merging a new and ethical business philosophy, with the real needs of society, and a genuine care for the environment

























Wild Asia - Sustainable Tourism Award for

Sarinbuana Eco lodge

Norm is available for Design, Construction, Consultations & Permaculture Training

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Facebook: Norm Van't Hoff

Sampling of Norm's past projects:



  • Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, Bali 

     ‘green’ design & construction - co-owner 

  • Bali Eco Beach House, Bali - co-owner

     ‘green’ design & construction 

  • Bali Eco Stay, Bali 

     ‘green’ design & construction 

  • Fresh Bali, Bali

     ‘green’ design & construction 

  • Loola Adventure Resort, Bintan Island

    (Global Overall Winner 2016,Responsible Tourism Awards)

    'green' design & construction of two luxury villas, water    

    systems, sewage/wastewater systems

  • Yayasan GUS (NGO), Bali 

     Sustainable rubbish management programs at Uluwatu, Padang2        & Bingin beaches

     Environmental education program for high schools 

     Uluwatu, water-recycling public toilets

  • Oberoi Hotel, Bali

     central sewage & wastewater treatment systems

  • Temple Hill Villas, Bali 

     central sewage/wastewater treatment system

  • Surfer Girl, Bali 

     sewage/wastewater treatment system 

  • Various consulting; design & installations, sustainable environmental management, Bali

energy conservation, water conservation, non-toxic pest control, organic gardens, CSR socio-environment projects 

Hyatt Bali, Shambala Resort, Suarga Resort, Allasari Plantation, Bali Deli, Sumber Sari Eco Villas, Standard Chartered et al… 


Fringing Reef Protection; Whitsunday Islands, Australia 

Public moorings & reef protection marker program

Formation of the OUCH Volunteers 



USAID, Aceh 

Sewage/wastewater treatment; Trainings for 190 into'l engineers & a pilot, communal treatment system 

Hospital mental-health unit; Sewage/wastewater treatment system 

Assistance to NGO’s & agencies in reconstruction 


American Red Cross, Aceh 

2.000house ‘showcase’ project, sustainable sewage/wastewater treatment systems


GTZ (German Technical Agency), Aceh 

Design of sewage/wastewater treatment systems for the

German housing effort 


Swiss Caritas, Aceh & Philippines 

1.000 & 750 houses, sewage/wastewater treatment systems

CURRENT: 2016 to 2018 in Raja Ampat, West Papua

Reef Protection Program: design, socialization & implementation


Sorido Bay & Kri Eco Resorts, Raja Ampat 

Design & installation, sewage/wastewater treatment systems & composting system


New ecotourism business in Raja Ampat, West Papua 

Glass bottom boat - low impact ecotourism

reef & fisheries protection, local income creation, sustainable tourism development  


Lobbying for reef protection & sustainable development

  • Tourists at Friwinbonda Island walking on reef (Fb & You Tube) 

  • video, yacht’s anchor chain on coral at Mansuar Island (Fb) 

  • Meetings with Head’s of Tourism Raja Ampat & Dept of Fisheries Sorong