1600 unit sistem sanitasi yg rama lingku
Sewage & Wastewater On-site Treatment Systems
Anti-Sludge Septic Tanks & Wastewater Gardens 
Bali GreenWorld has 15 years of design & installation experience, building
thousands of on-site, plant based wastewater treatment systems in Indonesia
We offer design & installations for local communities & businesses including training & instruction in English & Indonesian.
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Vetiver Grass for Sustainable Land Management & Wastewater Treatment 


Vetiver Grass is a sustainable

solution for permanently stabilising steep slopes, river banks, beach erosion & construction projects.

Vetiver Grass: A greener and more economical alternative to expensive 'hard' engineering projects 


Vetiver Grass for plant-based sewage/wastewater treatment systems


Vetiver Rafts help clean dirty or polluted water

Vetiver plants (single 'slips') are available in Bali, Indonesia

Vetiver Raft 75 x 50 Nov 2020.jpeg


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PRICE: IDR 2,500* per slip  Minimum order x 1000 slips 

Please contact us by email, if you would like to place an order within Indonesia. *Delivery fees apply